About Us

Our mission is to improve the youth sport experience for every child through positive relationships, magical moments, and breakthrough growth experiences. We help build future leaders by creating magical moments for personal growth.

After 25 years of running youth sports organizations and coaching youth soccer, Jonathan Schaefer started Better Youth Sports in 2022 to help parents, coaches, and organizations create a better youth sport experience for their kids. Owner of the largest youth soccer camp program in Minnesota, FootHolde, since 2003, Jonathan brings youth sport programming to the forefront for all kids. Jonathan has been leading kids programs since he was in high school, and has always done everything possible to create better environments for kids to learn, for kids to have fun, for kids to grow, and for kids to play and be healthy. Jonathan has been fortunate to meet and work with some amazing partners, who are big time difference makers with their positive impact on kids and positive outlook on life.

Young boy running with the ball during a youth flag football game
Back view of a female sport coach watching her team compete at a
Better Youth Sports Methdology

Youth sports is a microcosm of life – a place where we learn to play, enjoy, struggle, and thrive. At Better Youth Sports, we work with parents, coaches, and organizations to help them create an environment to capture and experience magical moments – moments where time stands still and kids can be in a state of deep and pure engagement and exhilaration.

-Jonathan Schaefer

Jonathan Schaefer